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Yoga is a life technique that provides cosiness and comfort to mind body and soul. The technique employed to lift consciousness from body to mind, mind to intellect and intellect to the soul is called the Yoga. This will get along very well with Ayurvedic Treatment methods and enhances results in most of the cases. This supports patients to regain health and confidence. The textbooks on Yoga are written by the great Sage Patanjali.

Yoga basically means synthesis. The synthesis of the body with mind and soul as well with the universe. Yoga in ancient times was mainly used by saints and ascetics during their journey to realize the ultimate truth. Even up to the first half of last century this was the case. By then great saints and ascetics began to advice yoga to their worldly disciples and followers. Soon yoga became even a passion for people and it was observed that it can be employed by common householders too to improve their life, health and related situations.

Spiritual life and worldly life even though are mutually contrasting and often as much to be considered opposites needs a synthesis for a human to lead a healthy life. One needs to compliment the other. Yoga provides it through certain physical exercises. That does not mean it is mystic in nature. It is purely a science which anyone interested can understand provided they meet a right teacher. Now a day with various yoga courses offered even by universities any number of teachers with sound knowledge about Yoga the science are available. Yoga is well known for Rejuvenation Therapy.

Yoga basically states that to attain salvation a human being first to need to develop a state of synthesis with his own mind, body and soul. Hence the first stage of a yoga external synthesis involving body. The second stage is the more profound one which intends the internal synthesis. It is the first stage that most people practice. The second stage is as according to their aspiration and interest.

At Ayur Yogatheeram, we explore the power of Yoga in sychroniation with Traditional Ayurveda Treatment.

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