Udwartanam Ayurveda Treatment in kerala


Udwarthanam treatment is a special Ayurveda Treatment in Kerala which is a combination of exfoliator, massage therapy, and treatment. This is an ayurvedic treatment for obesity in kerala. It is administered using specially prepared dry powder to improve blood circulation and treat numbness of the limbs. In udvarthanam Ayurvedic treatment, the herbal powder is massages all over the body against the hair follicles. Udwartanam is considered as one of the main treatments in Ayurveda.

This is very effective in reducing the subcutaneous fat, reduces overweight, exfoliates the dead cells and tone up the skin. It also helps to improve the blood circulation of the body

Weight loss and Reduce cellulite

Obesity is one of the core health issues in today’s era. Increased consumption of junk foods, lack of exercise, sitting for a long time in front of computer etc leads to obesity. Udwarthanam is considered as one of the best weight loss ayurvedic treatment in kerala. It helps to warm up the body and burns the subcutaneous fat or cellulite and thus reduces the overweight. udwartanam treatment is ne of the best natural treatment for weight loss in kerala.

Exfoliate dead tissue and tone up skin

It’s everyone’s dream to get good, smooth, soft and toned skin. This dry powder massage helps to exfoliate the dead tissue, increases the blood supply to the skin and thus makes the skin softer and smoother. this treatment is used extensively in many of the ayurvedic Cosmetic Treatment programs in Kerala.

Detoxification through the skin

This Ayurvedic dry powder massage is done against the direction of hair follicles. While massaging the body is heated up, the minute pores in the skin get opened up. Due to the increased blood supply, the sweat will be produced and thus toxins in the skin are removed through this.

Benifits of Udwartanam

This helps to burn accumulated fat under body skin by breaking cellulite tissue. This may add skin complexion and looks fairer and reduces bad smell of our body reducing excessive swetting. This ayurvedic treatment also improves blood circulation in skin which inturn provide a glowing healthy skin.

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Udwartanam Ayurveda Treatment in kerala


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Udwartanam Ayurveda Treatment


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