Shalakya Chikitsa

Shalakya Chikitsa (Ayurvedic treatment for ENT and EYE)


A special treatment in which the eyes are bathed in a special herbal relieves the strain due to constant glaring to the computer & tv screen. Helps in preventing early formation of cataract. Reduces pain and burning sensation in the eyes. Offers a good relaxation and cooling effect to the eyes.

Anjanam is an Ayurvedic treatment which has broad spectrum utility in ophthalmology as both preventive and curative means. In this eye treatment in which the medicine( maybe Rasamruta i.e herbs & mineral combination or powder or paste) is applied to the internal surface of the eyelid from medial canthus to lateral canthus. Medicine is applied using Shalaka or a rod( made of gold, silver or glass) or with clean fingers.


  • It helps to clarify and enhance the vision and prevent the eye diseases.
  • It helps to remove impurities from the eyes.
  • Anjanam soothes and relaxes the eye.
  • It gives beauty and lustre to the eye.
  • It Helps to remove the foreign body sensation and itching of the eyes.
  • It Helps to remove the foreign body sensation and itching of the eyes.
  • It Helps to remove the foreign body sensation and itching of the eyes.
  • Removes the burning sensation of the eyes.
  • It relieves the strain due to constant glaring to computer and tv.
  • It helps in preventing the early formation of cataract.


Netradhara is a treatment devised for cleaning the eyes and is usually the first level of treatment advised in Ayurveda for any forms of eye conditions. In Netradhara, the eyes are washed with a medicated concoctions or oils for a specific period of time, usually half an hour. Netradhara is commonly recommended for people suffering from eye fatigue and muscular tension. Of course, the treatment also lends brightness to the eyes, while “slowing down” the arrival of crows-feet.


Paste of medicine is done over the closed eyelids sparing the eyelashes. Helpful in congestion, redness & irritation on eye, glaucoma-related conditions, conjunctivitis etc. This is considered as an ayurvedic treatment for glaucoma in kerala.


One of the therapies for oral health. Kavalagraham uses oil and other medicated concoctions to cleanse the oral canals through gargling. The therapy is beneficial in fixing loose teeth, curing sensitivity, preventing tooth decay, treating bleeding gums to improving clarity in voice.


One of the effective treatments for oral care, Gandoosham uses the heat of the mouth to disseminate the medicine and eliminate toxins. In this therapy, oil or medicated decoctions is held in the mouth for a certain period of time. The process is almost similar to mouthwash these days, but with larger benefits.


Karnapoornam is a single curative preventive treatment for all forms of audiometric conditions. In Karnapoornam, warm medicated liquids/ oil is poured into the external ear canal and retained for a specific period of time, which varies from person-to-person. This treatment is effective in preventing ailments of the ears and is recommended for those with hearing debility, tinnitus and neurological disorders.


Dhoompanam is beneficial for those who suffer from Shirorogas, sinusitis and conditions related to Urdhvajatrugatarogas.


This therapy uses medicated special powders mixed in medicated oils to treat ENT problems like insomnia, migraine and others. In Thalam, the medicated powder is applied on the vertex for the specific duration, which varies from one person to another and depends on the intensity of the condition.


Talapothichil is the most naturally effective therapies to treat diseases that upset the head. The treatment begins with a mandatory head massage with herbal oil. This is followed with a Varti (a special cloth) that is tied around the head and a herbal paste is applied with uniform thickness all over the head. This is kept for 45 minutes, after which the dried paste is removed and the head is wiped clean. Talapothichil is suggested for those who suffering hair loss, dandruff, greying, insomnia, low blood pressure (BP) and chronic sinusitis.


Sirodhara is an ancient therapy that uses medicated herbal oil and the study of the neuro-functioning of the body to treat headaches, sinus issues and even stress.

The therapy begins with the individual lying down, face up, on a wooden bed, with hands on both the side. A specially-designed apparatus filled with the medicated oil placed on top of the head is used to pour oil in slow oscillation movement, while the masseur gently massages the different pressure points in the body to distress. After the prescribed duration is over the head is then dried with a towel.

Known to promote rejuvenation and revitalization of the mind and body, while reversing the effects of ageing. It is also effective in easing mental stress and strain.


Sirovasti is the traditional treatment for all nervous problems. In Sirovasti, specially-designed headgear is placed on the head, into which lukewarm, medicated oil is poured slowly till it covers the entire head. The oil is allowed to stand a specific time. The key to this therapy is maintaining the temperature of the oil at a certain degree for the entire duration of the treatment. Sirovasti is recommended for those suffering from a migraine, deafness, ailment affecting cranial nerves, facial paralysis, stress, chronic cold, sinusitis and other neurological diseases.


The treatment uses buttermilk poured through a specially-designed apparatus over a single region of the body to treat an illness.

This therapy has proven effective for those suffering from memory loss, a disease of the scalp and skin disorders like psoriasis, anxiety, stress and mental disorders.

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One among the Panchkarama procedure in which warm medicated decoction is given through the anal route. The medicated decoction is made up of five herbal ingredients; Kashayavasti is indicated in all neurological diseases like hemiplegia, paraplegia, weight loss and certain arthritic conditions.


The procedure in which, warm medicated oil is given through the anal route, to subside Vata. It also helps in treating conditions like Constipation, Low back pain, etc. This Ayurvedic enema can be done in all ages i.e. from childhood to old age, without any complications.


Nasyam is one of the treatments in Ayurveda. Medicated oils, powders etc. is instilled through the nasal route. The upper portion of the body from neck upwards is massaged during this process

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