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Jaloukavacharanam (LEECH THERAPY)

Leech therapy in Ayurveda or Jaloukavacharanam is an ayurvedic treatnet proceedure classifeid under Raktamokshana Treatment mainly used for traditional Ayurveduc Panchkarma Treatment.

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According to Ayurveda , Leech at first bite, only sucks impure blood from the skin and only the pure blood is left so it is a blood purification therapy .Later, when it starts sucking pure blood, the patient feels pain .

Purvakarma (before procedure)

Proper snehana (oleation) and swedana (sudation) of the patient.

Purification of leech by pouring the leech in haridra (turmeric powder) and water.

Part preparation – cleaning of place by turmeric water. The patient’s skin is cleaned thoroughly with soap and water or turmeric water.

Pradhana karma (main procedure)

Urovasti is more focused on the functioning and health of the heart and the lungs. In Urovasti, the affected region is localized using a herbal paste, into which warm medicated oil is poured and kept for 30 to 40 minutes. This Ayurveda Treatment is effective in treating asthma, bronchitis, palpitation, costochondritis, and chest injury if any; and is known to improve cardiac functioning.

Application of honey or by making an incision or a needle prick at the desired site so that of blood is produced and the leech attaches to the wound / incision quickly.

Steer the leeches head to the area to be treated. The head of the leech can be recognized by is searching forward movements, while the tail end is used as a sucker for attachment, The leeches must be applied in adequate numbers to area of maximum infection / congestion.

When Leech starts sucking blood, cover the leech with wet cotton.

When the leech has finished sucking the blood, usually within 30 minutes, remove it (if it does not come off by itself) by applying salt or turmeric powder on its head.

Ensure that the same leech is applied next time to the same patient.

Check the bleeding & clotting time of the patient. These should be normal.

Paschata karma (after procedure)

Induction of emesis to the leech by dusting of haridra churna (turmeric powder) on its mouth.

Sometimes pressing the leech from caudal to front end is required for proper emesis so Press the detached leech between fingers to force out the sucked impure blood.

Then put back in fresh water container. Leech should be freed in fresh water, where it swims swiftly and then settles down.

The patient’s area where the leeches have been put should be examined for local infections.

The minor wounds can be cleaned and washed with honey, and bandaged.

One leech should be reserved for one particular patient.

Indications of Leech Therapy are:

Alopecia, Eczema, Psoriasis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Cellulitis, Sciatica, Inflammatory Reactions, Blood purification, Varicose Veins, Rheumatic Diseases, Diabetic Wounds, Boils and abscesses, Hypertension, Thrombosis (blood clot), Herpes zoster

Taking Proper Care for Leach Therappy

The expert doctors and therapist at Ayuryogatheeram takes atmost care in these type of special traditional treatments. We provide proper guidence and needed preperations while executing the treatments.

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snehana ayurveda treatment


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snehana ayurveda treatment


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snehana ayurveda treatment


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