Frequently Asked Questions

Some Your FAQ’s

  • Can we do authentic Panchakarma treatment at SCAYT?

    Yes, we have all authentic panchakarma treatments available at SCAYT.

  • What is the best time of the year to undergo panchakarma?

    All seasons are good for panchakarma treatments but june july months of monsoon season in kerala is more preferable.

  • What is the minimum no. of days needed to do a complete course of Panchakarma?

    Minimum of 14 to 28 days is treatment course to get better results.

  • How many days needed for weight loss therapy?

    A minimum of 12 to 28 days is needed for weight loss treatment.

  • Do you have treatment for psoriasis?

    Yes, we have effective treatments for psoriasis which includes cleansing therapies and other panchakarma treatment along with oral medicines.

  • What are the Ayurvedic treatments for stress management?

    Treatments like, takradhara, thalapothichil, along with regular yoga and meditation in calm atmosphere.

  • Do you have daily Yoga hour?

    Yes, we have regular yoga regimen in morning hours.

  • Do you have treatment for ophthalmic diseases?

    Yes we have speciality herbal treatments for ophthalmic disorders like tarpanam, putapakam etc…

  • Do you have any short course on Basic of Ayurveda?

    We provide ayurveda therapist course in kerala. This is a short course of two week on Ayurveda.

  • Is there non-vegetarian food served at your center?

    We serve vegetarian sattvic food along with Ayurvedic treatments. Also fresh seafood will be served on request.

  • Do you have 24hr on-call doctor available?

    Yes, we have a resident doctor who is available 24hrs.