Ayurveda Cosmetic Treatments

Ayurveda Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic Treatments

MUKHALEPAM (face pack)

Mukhalepam, or face pack, is perhaps the oldest, non-invasive, effective, beauty, skin and senses Rejuvenation Therapy . Mukhalepam Ayurveda Treatment begins with a light massage of the face. This is followed by applying an even layer of Lepam applied on the face and neck area. Two swabs of cotton and slices of cucumber are placed on the eye. The Lepam is left to dry and then washed off with water.


It is done with medicated oil as a part of lifestyle concentrating on the pressure points of the foot. It stimulates internal organs and senses.


An enriching ayurvedic hair care therapy using freshly ground herbs, medicated oil that promotes hair health

 Cosmetic Treatments


A facial treatment works together to improve the appearance of your skin. Since skin types are not all the same, the procedures and products used in a facial may differ. A facial treatment is usually tailored to the needs of the client, but all facials have a basic routine that most skin care professionals use.

The massage used in facial treatment encourages blood flow and brings nourishing blood to the skin’s cells. Facial treatments are relaxing, as well as therapeutic. Machines are used to treat skin, but this spa service can be performed manually.


Ageing skin is cleansed, steamed and massaged during a facial treatment. An exfoliation mask for ageing skin is used to soften lines and wrinkles. If a mask is applied, it will be removed after the appropriate time, and a cream or lotion made to treat mature skin is applied. Facial massage also tones sagging skin, encourages the production of natural oils and leaves the skin with a healthy glow


Normal skin remains clear and radiant when regular facials are given. The steam and facial massage used on clients with dry skin, however, should make their skin more hydrated. Combination skin typically shows improvement from regular facial treatments as well. The products used on acne-plagued skin should greatly an acne condition over time if the client follows the skin care professional’s instructions on how to care for his skin at home.


Ayuryogatheeram has a tradition of 400 years in Ayurveda . We combine Yoga with many of our treatment programs for better results. We offer all traditional Ayurveda treatments including Panchakarma Treatment . See our FAQ section or contact us for booking an appointment .

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One among the Panchkarama procedure in which warm medicated decoction is given through the anal route. The medicated decoction is made up of five herbal ingredients; Kashayavasti is indicated in all neurological diseases like hemiplegia, paraplegia, weight loss and certain arthritic conditions.

Ayurveda Cosmetic Treatments,ayuryogatheeram


The procedure in which, warm medicated oil is given through the anal route, to subside Vata. It also helps in treating conditions like Constipation, Low back pain, etc. This Ayurvedic enema can be done in all ages i.e. from childhood to old age, without any complications.

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Nasyam is one of the treatments in Ayurveda. Medicated oils, powders etc. is instilled through the nasal route. The upper portion of the body from neck upwards is massaged during this process

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