Bala Chikitsa

Bala Chikitsa

Bala Chikitsa

Offers a unique approach to child healthcare which integrates the benefits of ayurveda, yoga and meditation in peadiatric treatment for a healthy mind and body. Understanding the significance of ayurveda in peadiatrics, an ayurvedic lifestyle replete with therapies, treatments, dietary modules and physical activities is exclusively formulated for a wholesome approach towards the health and well-being of a child. Treatment include abhyanga, nasya, virechana etc

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Bala Chikitsa


One among the Panchkarama procedure in which warm medicated decoction is given through the anal route. The medicated decoction is made up of five herbal ingredients; Kashayavasti is indicated in all neurological diseases like hemiplegia, paraplegia, weight loss and certain arthritic conditions.

Bala Chikitsa


The procedure in which, warm medicated oil is given through the anal route, to subside Vata. It also helps in treating conditions like Constipation, Low back pain, etc. This Ayurvedic enema can be done in all ages i.e. from childhood to old age, without any complications.

Bala Chikitsa


Nasyam is one of the treatments in Ayurveda. Medicated oils, powders etc. is instilled through the nasal route. The upper portion of the body from neck upwards is massaged during this process

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